Hookslide A cappella school benefit programs
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How does this work?  You get lots of people to come to your school, charge them, and we sing!
How much do we pay hookslide? $0
Really?  yes
What does Hookslide get out of this?  A great night with you and your school!
Why are you doing this?  Music is important and we want to give back.  :)
Who promotes the show?  You do.  Looking for 100 people minimum.
How much are tickets?  Totally up to you.  More people + higher price = more $$ for your school
Who provides sound?  We do.  All of it.
Who provides the stage and power?  You and your school.  Theaters are great, but we're not picky. :)
Do you sell CD's?  Yes.  We use that money to buy gas and sushi.
How long is your show?  60-75 minutes depending on the venue.
I have a choir, can they open for you?  Absolutely.  In fact, we'll bring them on stage for our last song!
How many benefit shows do you do?  About 1 per month
What else do I need to know?  Check out the video below for a recent experience at Logan high school.
How do I make this happen?  Contact bud@dangerbrain.com for booking.

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